Worldwide soundproofing solutions

HeavyFoam is one of the most reliable distributors for acoustic materials.

The most popular products are:
BlockTec Viscoelastic membrane, Quash micro perforated panels within layers for interior and exterior, HD Foam Plus+ and Basofoam (made from BASF Basotect Foam)

soundproofing panels & membranes

  • BlockTec 70 is a viscoelastic membrane that adds mass to the structure and stops from 20 to 35 dB. At a 3.6 mm thickness it is the best soundproofing membrane on the market. The density of the material is 2 tons per cubic meter. It insulates better than lead at same thickness.

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  • HD Foam Plus+ it is a hybrid PU foam. It has double structure. Half open cell for sound absorbtion and half closed cell for sound insulation. HD Foam Plus+ can be mounted between gypsum plasterboards, woodpanels etc. In this structure, a 5 cm thickness HD Foam Plus+ panel blocks about 40 dB. If use without rigid material, HD Foam Plus+ it is very good for sound absorbtion on low frequencies.

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acoustic panels & elements

  • Basofoam panels are made from Basotect melamine foam produced by BASF. Basotect it is the world best sound absorbtion and sound insulation material. It is very lightweight and it is used in soundproofing for houses, stucios, cinema, vehicles, airplanes, boats etc

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  • Basocube are Basotect Cubes for professional acoustic treatment in production halls, clubs, very large spaces, swimming pools, aerobic gyms etc

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