Worldwide soundproofing solutions

Everyday, in the world, airports, office buildings, living houses, cinemas, studios, tehnical rooms, factories use the well know materials HD Foam Plus+, Quash, BlockTec and Basofoam for soundproofing and acoustic treatment.

In 2011, the structure made with HD Foam Plus+ and BlockTec 70 was considered to be one of the best structures for soundproofing.
Later, in 2015 we developed and introduced in the market a new lightweight structure with a better Rw, made with Quash micro perforated panel and BlockTec 70 membrane.
Since then this structure is unbeatable.

We use only ecological material that doesn't affect in any way human beings.

Tradition that builds the future!

Our flexibility in working with finished high quality foams and viscoelastic material is a synthesis of 10-years experience and application of innovative techniques.
As a future-orientated partner in development of our customers, we are constantly expanding range of our products.

Knowledge gives certainty: Each person from our team is engaged in innovative thinking for problem-free implementation of tailored specialist solutions in the highest quality standard.
Carefully chosen material is a basis for all available versions of wide spectrum of creative and economic application-orientated solutions.

We use the most up-to-date technology for working with Heavy Foam products according to optimised processes and treatment methods. Long-term purchases and developed logistics make timeliness our strong side.

Heavy Foam