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BlockTec, Self Adhesive and ALU are high density synthetic soundproofing membranes, that offers good acoustic insulation in different building elements.
The material is visco elastic and is extremely flexible even in cold temperatures. It doesn't contain any PVC.
In combination with the hybrid foam HD Foam Plus+ and two plasterboard layers a Rw = 75 dB (STC) is obtained.

  • RW of 28dB using a one independent layer (7kg/m²) (test certificate) and 50dB using 2 independent layers (14kg/m²).
  • Best acoustic insulation when combined with lightweight panels or sound absorption materials.
  • It doesn't contain lead, but insulates much more better then lead.
  • BlockTec reduces acoustical bridges and critical frequency coincidence (always a big problem in plasterboard constructions)
  • Very good low frequency performance.
  • Class0 fire retardant. (test certificate)
  • Very good elongation/very easy to apply on different surfaces and also very flexible.
  • Waterproof, cold and heat resistant.
This membrane has excellent soundproofing properties. Many construction materials and techniques do not provide enough damping. Plasterboards absorb little sound energy because they vibrate and re-radiate sound on the other side quite effectively. BlockTec viscoelastic membrane however has tremendous density and mass whilst being extremely 'limp', its acoustically better than lead of the same surface mass, so will help absorb sound energy far more efficiently.

BlockTec Acoustic Membrane provides the best of both worlds, high additional mass and high damping, that can be applied not only over 100% of the area in question but uniformly.

Density2000 kg/m³ (+/-0.05)
Pliability (UEAtc)Does not break when bent at -20°C
Elongation (UNE 104-281/6.6300%
Crushing strength4.84kg/cm²
Fire resistanceEuroclass B, s2, d0 (Class0 to UK equivalent)
Continuous operating temperature70°C (short term 100°C)
Melting point140°C
Acoustic performanceSee below

  • Soundproofing against airborne noise and structural noise in ceilings. walls and floors. Used in living houses, machine-rooms, tehnical rooms, office buildings, cars.

    Sound insulation of BlockTec - without any rigid material - R (dB)
    Product code Thickness Weight 125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 5000 HZ
    BlockTec 3,6 mm 7 kg/m² 11.5 dB 20.1 dB 23.6 dB 28.7 dB 33.0 dB 38.9 dB

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