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HD Foam Plus+ it is a hybrid PU foam.
HD Foam Plus+ it is the only certified (ASTM D3574) material that has controlled density per cm³ with double structure: half open cell for sound absorbtion and half closed cell for sound insulation.
HD Foam Plus+ it's also the best material on the market for thermal insulation.
HD Foam Plus+ can be mounted between gypsum plasterboards, woodpanels etc.
Between 2 layers of gypsum plasterboard, a 5 cm thickness HD Foam Plus+ panel has a Rw=40 dB (similar to STC).
If use without rigid material, HD Foam Plus+ it is very good for sound absorbtion on low frequencies.
We recommend the structure with HD Foam Plus+ and BlockTec for the best sound insulation. This structure won 1st place at MusikMesse Frankfurt 2011.
At a thickness of only 8 cm, this structure has a STC of 75 dB.
Recommended structure: Gypsum plasterboard 1,2 cm / HD Foam Plus+ 5 cm / BlockTec 50 3 mm/ Gypsum plasterboard 1,2 cm

Noise is one of the worst causes of stress in our society. Turn your house into a peaceful place to relax by insulating all the walls with HD Foam Plus+.
The kids can then turn up the volume upstairs while you relax in peace in the sitting room downstairs. Thanks to its special composition and properties, HD Foam Plus+ has a unique way of creating quiet living space.

Physiological - insulation without the side-effects
Healthy building techniques are an important issue that determines the living quality of a house. HD Foam Plus+ has no fibres to affect respiration and does not give off any vapour. No health and safety measures are required during installation either. No wonder, because the same material has been used for decades in high quality mattresses.

Conventional insulation materials often sag when used with wooden or metal constructions. A decrease in sound & thermal insulation properties is the result, which can practically hardly ever be remedied. Thanks to the unique structure of HD Foam Plus+, however, its shape remains stable for decades without sagging and eliminates acoustic & thermal bridges completely.
HD Foam Plus+ - acoustic & thermal insulation for generations!

Thermal retention value:
Glass/Mineral wool S = 24,000 J/m3K
Cellulose S = 85,500 J/m3K
HD Foam Plus+ S = 197,820 J/m3K
Suitable for passive houses:
Outer walls insulated with 30 cm HD Foam Plus+
U = 0.11 W/m2K
Roof ventilated and insulated with 40 cm HD Foam Plus+
U = 0.11 W/m2K
Ceiling to uninsulated roof space insulated with 25 cm HD Foam Plus+
U = 0.09 W/m2K

Sound insulation measured with 1,5 mm steel sheet
Product code Thickness Weight 125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 HZ
HDF905 5 cm 4,5 kg/m² 27 dB 27 dB 35 dB 47 dB 50 dB 61 dB

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